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Your Spine & Today’s Technology


Technology is literally killing our spines!

Use of laptops, phones and tablets  can have a dark side via  associated spinal strains that commonly occur from hours of forward head posture, plus forward upper spinal strain when people obsessively watch small screens. The head is like a bowling ball that strains the neck.

Researchers have found that typing on a touch-screen for long periods of time may be more likely to cause muscle issues in the upper body than using a conventional keyboard. Golden Bay Chiropractic Works could help with ergonomic advice and precise spinal adjustment as required.

Unlike the traditional keys found on desktop and PCs, touch-screens (tablet virtual keyboards) and phones are activated by any physical contact with the skin. Therefore users are unable to rest their fingers on the keyboard and must keep their fingers and wrists hovering over the screen to avoid accidentally hitting the keys. This can lead to ‘prolonged static muscle loading’ – when muscles are kept tense and motionless – in the shoulders, the researchers at Northern Illinois University said.

Lead author Jeong Ho Kim said: ‘The prolonged static muscle loading is a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders, thus using a virtual keyboard for long periods of time may increase the risk for musculoskeletal discomfort and disorders in the neck and shoulder. ’It comes as researchers last week warned of a modern affliction known as ‘text neck’.  A study by surgeons found that holding the head at 60 degrees – typical of our posture when texting on a phone – exerts 22 kilograms of pressure on the top part of the spine.

Lead researcher Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, said the extra stress may lead to ‘early wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries’. According to Ofcom, 44 per cent of UK households now have a tablet – up from less just 24 per cent a year ago. Australia also has the same upward trend with  increased usage of smart phones and tablets increasing potential harm.

Could you have “text neck?”

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Dr Barrie’s Chiropractic Info Snippet!!

Are many cases of diagnosed fibromyalgia like a mirage in the desert, with many patients buying into a false labels that ruins their
quality of life?

32 years of examining makes me often cringe when I am presented with many of these so called ‘fibromyalgia” cases.
What if you have had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia just because you have multiple areas of pain and the practitioner you have consulted seems confused what your problem is?

Its time for another opinion! Do not accept it and please delve deeper!

In recent months I have had new patients appear that have had their pain levels reduced hugely by up to 80% with specific chiropractic adjustments that is shaking this often “over used” fibromyalgia label. Certain forms of this condition can be genuine where rheumatoid factor is found in the blood as it lifts beyond a mere “guess” into diagnostic believability, but realise as chiropractors we are essentially natural nerve doctors rather than bone doctors.

As a chiropractor who has examined over 25,000 patients, I have seen too many times, multiple areas of nerve interference that can easily mimic symptoms of fibromyalgia to a point that people are suffering for no reason!

The bottom line is get a proper hands on chiropractic examination to see if nerve interference is causing your “fibromyalgia like’ symptoms!

Nothing is more heartening than helping people get their lives back!

Anti Depressives vs Chiropractic for Spinal Pain?

Are anti-depressives better than Chiropractic for spinal pain?


After 30 years of practicing chiropractic, the most disturbing trend I have seen in health care in the last decade in my clinics in New Zealand and Australia is under the “medications taken section” of my fill-in case histories.

It appears that an increasing larger percentage of people than I would have ever have imagined, are “hooked” on anti depressives medication that has been prescribed.

When asked “why?” (as I am curious from an overall patient health assessment), the most interesting  common comments was the prescribing practitioner had advised them that their spinal pain was “making them tense and mentally anxious so the anti depressives would hopefully reduce this negative mental state and even possibly lessen the patients spinal pain?

This medical view is reinforced by a feeling that common spinal issues that patients experience are too hard to understand and measure. The vast majority of medics are not confident in “hands on” examinations of the spine as medical school training does not emphasise this tactile specialty, but instead mostly teaches prescribing drugs for musculoskeletal pain. Hence, most patients are readily given medications by medics as a first option for spinal pain and also for headaches which is another condition that chiropractors see often.

The most concerning trend is these strong psychotropic drugs normally have not been prescribed for a few weeks but too frequently for many months to years!

Our brain and nervous system is what registers or interprets what we see of the world. Two separate  brains and nervous systems that look exactly the same thing may have completely different experiences. One may see the world that  looks friendly and inviting full of stimulating eustress or someone else may see danger and be on defence, producing stress chemicals in the body and highly increased muscle tension.

The defence body state increases the chances of spinal distorting subluxations as “fight or flight high tension,” many times producing strong unilateral spasms in the spine that lead to weeks, months or years of  negative spinal patterns. Specific chiropractic adjustment(s) can potentially ease these negative spinal patterns and hopefully reduce or halt medication.

If you feel that heightened tension pattern in your spine consider a chiropractic spinal examination.

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Preventing Falls

balanced elephant

Preventing falls with regular Chiropractic care is highly beneficial.

Falls are devastating as people grow older. I cannot emphasise enough how important maintaining alignment and ultimately balance of the spine, has in reducing the likelihood of falls.

Chances of ending up in a rest home earlier in retirement is hugely more likely statistically, if you fall unexpectedly as you age.

In my opinion the upper cervical or upper neck has a considerable effect on the overall balance of the body.
A once a month chiropractic fine tuning of this area is a bargain compared with the costs of a rest home after a fall.

The upper cervical area of the spine strongly effects the built in body balance mechanisms, especially the cerebellum or that part of the brain that makes us aware of our body’s proprioception or body balance.

Over 30 years of practice, I have seen people many times foolishly neglecting their spine chiropractic-ally as soon as spinal symptoms cease.

In our older years quality of life is dependent on finely a tuned proprioception/balance system to prevent devastating falls.
The highest level of chiropractic work is to enhance neurological function not just to reduce pain.

It is far cheaper to have a monthly chiropractic tuneup rather than increasing chances of falls, followed by high monthly rest home bills.  This can be the result that comes
when independence is lost.

The above information is my opinion based on 30 years of chiropractic practice.

Are you an older person starting to experience falls?

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Chiropractic Video


Best practice Chiropractic care has a higher goal of keeping the nervous system free of nerve interference, not just dealing with spinal strains.

Pain is only the tip of the iceberg!

Watch the video below and see why!!