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Do You Need Spinal Pain First?

images 88Do you need spinal pain first before you have chiropractic?
The answer to this is absolutely no! This is because spinal pain is usually the last stage of spinal subluxation.

Many spinal problems have painless build up and proactive, health conscious people need to have periodic expert posture analysis and periodic spinal examination in their spinal health regime.

When I examine patients I am looking for these “silent problems” that are, many times, tender to touch.  A patient often  says “I did not know about that point.”

After 32 years of examining and spinally adjusting  thousands of people I am amazed how many patients still view the pain they have as “new” over a day or a week, when physical examination indicates chronic long term inflammation patterns in the spine that have only “just got painful.”

Like holes in teeth, we can be oblivious to building problems until expertly examined.

Interestingly, in my practice I find in only about 20 % of cases where a patient’s spinal condition has only “just started”.
This is usually through an unexpected sudden trauma or accident like a car accident whiplash, unexpected fall, difficult unexpected birth traumas, are all examples.

Closer physical examination of the majority of patients plus case histories, indicates about 80% of other cases have had months if not many years of “silent chronic  buildup” without pain symptoms, but have had silent signs clearly seen by expert spinal examiners.

“Silent buildup” has visible signs that chiropractors readily observe like:

  1. Tilted head or neck.
  2. Forward head posture.
  3. Raised or lowered shoulder.
  4. Twisted ribcage.
  5. Tilted hips or pelvis with associated functional short leg.
  6. Foot pronation/supination.

Further confirmation comes from examination of the normally “silent”trigger point indicators and spinal range of motions, active (pain to touch) trigger points of upper/mid  cervical spine, scapulars, rib heads, lumbar, sacral and femur heads, lower lateral  legs and achilles tendons.

As spinal health is so important, treating yourself to an expert examination is an “ounce of prevention.”  

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