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Chiropractic Care – Do You Need It?


There are a range of warning signs that indicate chiropractic care may be an option for you to consider!!

These signs are like the tip of the iceberg as poor spinal nerve supply has far reaching effects on you health.

  1. Headaches, neck pain, pain between the shoulders;
  2. Lower back pain, arm and leg pain or numbness, lack of energy and poor sleep;
  3. Lack of strength in your limbs.
  4. Stiffness in movement in walking, bending and twisting of your body;
  5. As you walk you feel imbalanced, feeling like one leg is shorter or longer than the other (due to a twisted pelvis that needs chiropractic adjustment);
  6. Sometimes when walking the legs seem to drag.
  7. Feeling far older than your age in movement and unable to hold a proper posture without discomfort.
  8. Cannot sit in comfort and make audible grunts as you strain to get up from a seat.
  9. Inability to exercise properly as you are in continual pain in movement;
  10. You become depressed and therefore eat far too much, becoming overweight which puts even more stress on your already imbalanced body mechanics.
  11. Your head seems to tilt to one side for no apparent reason and you cannot back your car as your neck is so stiff.
  12. Your lower back also feels irritated by rotational movement.
  13. You may have  had a “minor” car accident which initially did not seem to  effect you.  Suddenly your neck and back have gone “very stiff.”
  14. Unable to lift anything without your back feeling like it may “go” on you;
  15. You cannot sit for any length of time especially at computers without being in discomfort.

If you are suffering with one or more of the above signs it means your health is not at an optimum level.  The scenarios above maybe basic warning signs.

I have seen many patients over many years of practice.  If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it would be wise to consider having a chiropractic examination!!

The spine has such a profound effect on your health.  Just as you have a regular dental check your body deserves a spinal check, even if you  do not have any symptoms that are troubling you. Phone 95371226


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