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Headaches Equals Upper Neck Issues


The most common cause of headaches is subluxation or misalignment of one or more of the 7 bones of the neck.The two bones at the top of the neck, atlas and axis (C1,C2), have been shown via research to have physical connections to the meningeal membrane (covers brain and spinal cord), which is the most pain sensitive membrane of the body.

Therefore when these vertebraes get out of alignment they pull on the meningeal membrane like a blanket, and cause severe headaches.  The biggest  problem is the atlas vertebrae is the hardest to adjust in the neck because of its anatomical position, but proportionally causes more headaches than any other vertebrae of the spine.This means many patients I see, have never had an atlas adjustment, as practitioners of all types find this area too difficult to deal with.The USA school I graduated from specialised in this upper neck area.  I now use the Impulse IQ Computerised Spinal Adjuster which is super effective.
As a result we are are able to provide, often ,fantastic results for clients with cervicogenic (neck origin) headaches.

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Hip Replacement

imagesHip Replacement –  The mostly silent correctable pelvic imbalance.

One of the most invasive and expensive orthopaedic operations ($25,000 done), is hip replacements using plastics and steel. When one hip has been surgically replaced, the other hip generally follows within a few years.

It is better to have your own natural hips than artificial ones!!

The degeneration occurs silently and takes decades to develop. When hip pain appears there has been many years of silent decline.


One law we can never break is GRAVITY!

In my opinion we disturb our pelvic mechanics mostly without initial pain, either through trauma or posture, or through pelvic twisting one leg functionally gets short, and the other leg long.

Why is it that only one hip is wearing initially?

Answer:  The hip that is usually taking the greatest stress through pelvic imbalance with gravity!

As you know when your tyres are imbalanced, one tyre prematurely wears out (gets bald), because of physical imbalance to the road as gravity bears down on them.
Imagine if you had a bag of potatoes attached to one side of your pelvis?  Result – repetitive strain and early wear on one side !
You do not  even need a bag of potatoes!!  Just change your gravity centre and balance of your pelvis, give it time and then we have this “unexplained hip pain” appearing years later!

Lets get proactive if you want to be at your best in your senior years!!

In my opinion, if you were checked monthly and your pelvis was closely monitored and finely balanced chiropractically, especially  via our new Impulse IQ computerised spinal adjuster, your chances are considerably  reduced of needing a hip replacement later on in life.

Why wait until severe symptoms have set in?  Do something about preventing hip degeneration now!

Golden Bay Chiropractic Works offer a free  non invasive check concerning hip/pelvic balance to see if you are in the pelvic imbalance risk category.  We have excellent computer graphics to visually show what pelvic/hip imbalance is?

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New!! Core Score Stress Analysis

imagesCore Score – the latest stress analysis via the NASA Space Program research facility.

At Golden Bay Chiropractic Works we use Core Score which will evaluate your spinal stress and beyond.

How does Core Score testing work?

  • Core Score performs 5 different stress tests, is fully computerised and takes about 15 minutes to do.
  • The results of your stress test will be immediately sent to the USA, via the internet to be processed.
  • A full colour Core Score printable report  will be sent back to us from the USA, within approximately 15 minutes

Like the Impulse IQ Computerised Spinal Adjuster, Golden Bay Chiropractic Works is one of the first clinics in Western Australia to embrace this cutting edge technology.

Learn more about Core Score Stress Testing: