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Running and chiropractic

imagesImagine trying to run a record fast time with a 2 kilo bag of sand hanging on your right hip.
You can still run but as running efficiently requires perfect balance so your performance is way down.
common sense says imbalance leads to extra stress or drag!
So what about you being side swiped  by your over energetic  dog at the park who hits you in the right hip.
It causes some local bruising but now you can only run less than a hundred metres instead of your usual 3 kilometres?
whats happened? Chiropractors call this pelvic twist or tilt and has massive affects in reducing sporting performance!
The answer is accurate “hands on” physical  examination and corrective spinal adjustment to get your sporting life back again!!
We are designed for movement and restriction leads to depression amongst the regularly, physically active so– get expertly examined now!
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