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Isometric neck exercises to strengthen chiropractic gains

Isometrics exercises certainly  help to secure your neck recovery AFTER  highly specific chiropractic neck adjustments have been done.My 30  years of  chiropractic experience shows that if the alignment of the spine is not corrected , exercising the neck usually causes  more aggravation than helps as it is totally illogical to attempt to vigorously exercise inflamed,imbalanced  joints in my opinion.The trickiest area of the neck is the two top vertebrae called atlas and axis which causes the worst neck mechanical problems/neck headaches experienced by patients.

It is fortunate that at Golden Bay Chiropractic Works that we specialise in this upper area of the neck so come in and get a thorough mechanical neck
Isometric neck exercises after surgeryexamination,get the neck specifically adjusted THEN be guided with specific neck exercises to further strengthen your spinal recovery

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