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Headaches Equals Upper Neck Issues


The most common cause of headaches is subluxation or misalignment of one or more of the 7 bones of the neck.The two bones at the top of the neck, atlas and axis (C1,C2), have been shown via research to have physical connections to the meningeal membrane (covers brain and spinal cord), which is the most pain sensitive membrane of the body.

Therefore when these vertebraes get out of alignment they pull on the meningeal membrane like a blanket, and cause severe headaches.  The biggest  problem is the atlas vertebrae is the hardest to adjust in the neck because of its anatomical position, but proportionally causes more headaches than any other vertebrae of the spine.This means many patients I see, have never had an atlas adjustment, as practitioners of all types find this area too difficult to deal with.The USA school I graduated from specialised in this upper neck area.  I now use the Impulse IQ Computerised Spinal Adjuster which is super effective.
As a result we are are able to provide, often ,fantastic results for clients with cervicogenic (neck origin) headaches.

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