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Dr Barrie’s Chiropractic Info Snippet!!

Are many cases of diagnosed fibromyalgia like a mirage in the desert, with many patients buying into a false labels that ruins their
quality of life?

32 years of examining makes me often cringe when I am presented with many of these so called ‘fibromyalgia” cases.
What if you have had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia just because you have multiple areas of pain and the practitioner you have consulted seems confused what your problem is?

Its time for another opinion! Do not accept it and please delve deeper!

In recent months I have had new patients appear that have had their pain levels reduced hugely by up to 80% with specific chiropractic adjustments that is shaking this often “over used” fibromyalgia label. Certain forms of this condition can be genuine where rheumatoid factor is found in the blood as it lifts beyond a mere “guess” into diagnostic believability, but realise as chiropractors we are essentially natural nerve doctors rather than bone doctors.

As a chiropractor who has examined over 25,000 patients, I have seen too many times, multiple areas of nerve interference that can easily mimic symptoms of fibromyalgia to a point that people are suffering for no reason!

The bottom line is get a proper hands on chiropractic examination to see if nerve interference is causing your “fibromyalgia like’ symptoms!

Nothing is more heartening than helping people get their lives back!