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Chiropractic Safety

You have a far greater chance of been hit by a lightning strike than being injured by chiropractic procedures!  

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Chiropractic Care – Safe, Natural, & Effective

Put simply, chiropractic is one of the safest forms of healthcare in the world and is at the forefront of spinal care and the wellness movement.

Chiropractors must undergo a minimum 5-year full time tertiary education and complete regular continuing professional education, making them the experts in the field of spinal health care.

Chiropractors are deeply concerned with the safety and efficacy of the care they provide, and do their utmost to prevent and limit any possible adverse events which are extremely rare. Research into the many benefits of chiropractic and any potential risk is a continual ongoing process within the profession.

Chiropractic care carries less risk than the medications commonly prescribed for neuro-musculo-skeletal symptoms (eg. painkillers and NSAIDs), and is far safer than spinal surgery. Chiropractic has the added benefit of helping to address the cause of many problems rather than just masking the symptoms. In fact, the most dangerous part of chiropractic is driving to and from the practice.

Chiropractic has grown in popularity to become the world’s third largest healthcare profession. This growth is largely due to chiropractic’s impressive safety track record, excellent clinical results, and high patient satisfaction.


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